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With celebrations of Vanuatu’s 40 years of Independence well underway across the nation, the Volleyball Federation is playing its part, hosting Indoor Volleyball tournaments in Port Vila, Luganville and Sola in Torba Province.

With competitions running across three provinces, it has required a massive effort in logistics, selection and training of officials including coaches and referees and ensuring the provision of equipment, uniforms, technical support and administrative planning.

Port Vila

The competition in the capital got underway early in July and has now reached the Finals stage with the semis being played this past weekend.

Teams will fight it out for the Championship title on Wednesday 29 July at Epauto Stadium, with medals and prize money to be awarded to the top three finishing teams. A representative from the Australian High Commission has been invited to make the presentations on the night.

In the Women’s competition, the Bronze medal battle will be between Strata and the Eagles while the Gold medal match will be between WSB1 and WSB2.

For the Men’s finals, Lakatemali will play Tupuji for the Bronze, while Bladiniere takes on Beverly Hills for the top prize.

The tournament has been delivered under the watchful eye of Event Manager Mike Masauvakalo, with invaluable support from Serah Toto, Lilon Bong, VVF President Debbie Masauvakalo, VVF staff and coaches.


For VVF, it has been a resounding success with seven Men’s and eight Women’s teams participating and strong supporter attendance to cheer on the players each week.



VVF coach Morris Mera is overseeing the Volleyball Tournament in Sola where interest in the sport has always been high.

The Torba event kicked off last week with 14 teams competing – four Men’s and ten Women’s – and will finish its schedule, with the finals, this week on Independence Day.

In addition, in the coming weeks, members of the national Beach Volleyball team, including Vanuatu’s Queen of the court Miller Pata who hails from the Banks Islands, will be visiting the province to support the development and growth in participation of the sport.


The Independence Tournament in Santo is taking place over three days this week, 27-29 July, at Unity Park in Luganville, with strong community support expected for the event.  The VVFs Volley4Change staff have been busy over the weekend setting up and preparing the courts in the centre of town.

Through the VVF and with the support of the 40 Year Independence Committee, these tournaments celebrate the importance of sport, and volleyball in particular, as a key part of Vanuatu community life.