Titan FX

Titan FX is an international foreign exchange and commodities broker based in Port Vila. In mid-2019, Titan FX entered into a sponsorship agreement with VVF, excited by the prospect of supporting the national team in the big 12 months of Olympic qualification challenges to come. The significant financial and strategic support being given by Titan FX is invaluable in this type of campaign.

P&O Cruises Australia

P&O Cruises Australia is an ongoing and enthusiastic supporter of Vanuatu Womenโ€™s Beach Volleyball and everything the team has been trying to achieve since its efforts at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Assisting with accommodation costs on the Gold Coast when the team needed to stay outside the Athleteโ€™s Village due to the inclusion of Miller Pataโ€™s very cute baby son Tommy, a beautiful partnership was born. P&O now funds the teamโ€™s travel and accommodation as well as very generously enabling the purchase and construction over the past three months of its new gym at the Stade beach courts in Port Vila.

Project Clothing

You canโ€™t play if you donโ€™t have the right outfits to wear! Melbourne-based Project Clothing has been supplying our team sportswear since early 2018 and the relationship is a strong and successful one, despite the tyranny of distance. We feel honoured to number ourselves among their list of sporting champions and teams.

Dynamic Tape

Dynamic Tape is one of our longest supporters having worked with VVF athletes and supplied tape for their niggles and strains since 2013. Good physical care and maintenance of high performance athletes is an absolute must for success!


ACE Beach Optics

The value of extended friendships can never be underestimated and our new association with ACE Beach eyewear has emerged from its connection to our Commonwealth Games Bronze medal coach Shanon Zunker. Friends of friends are friends โ€“ and we are so grateful for that. And โ€ฆ the women are definitely enjoying their new shades!

ASCO Motors

An absolute stalwart of supporting community sport, we are very proud to have Rob and his team at ASCO Motors sponsor our โ€˜After School Programโ€™ each year. The pikinini love their bright red t-shirts and enjoy the chance to play for the ASCO medals in the school holiday competitions we run at the end of the terms in both Port Vila and Santo. Not to mention access-upon-request of the well-known ASCO Community Bus which is available when a visiting sports team needs moving around town.

Air Vanuatu

VVF is pleased to be a part of national air carrier Air Vanuatuโ€™s sponsorship support for local sporting federations year in, year out. Knowing we will be leaving Vanuatu shores in safe hands each time we compete in international tournaments is always a comfort.

Perana Sports

So excited to welcome Perana Sports Performance Analysis to the VVF family. Perana is generously supporting the growth and development of Vanuatu Beach Volleyball through the provision of an elite-level data analysis program which will assist the coach and trainers in analysing team and opposition performances alike.


SeaChange Lodge

Ian Kerr is a treasured friend of VVF and has supported us for many years, opening the doors of SeaChange Lodge when needed to accommodate visiting teams, athletes, coaches and more. His generosity of heart and spirit is that of a true friend of Vanuatu Volleyball.


One of Vanuatuโ€™s two major telecommunications providers, TVL supports VVF through provision of all our communications needs. As an added bonus, VVF enjoys hosting the TVL Corporate Shield tournament each year at the Stade courts โ€“ six weeks of fun yet fierce competition between many of the corporate heavyweights around town!

Savvy Solar

Savvy Solar is the newest member of the VVF extended family. When approached, Charlie was more than happy to offer support to Vanuatu Volleyball with the installation of solar panels and a battery to power up our new little gym at the Stade courts. Doing our bit to promote clean energy in Vanuatu with the help of a great local business

Pacific Digital

Pacific Digital is a Vanuatu web consulting agency operating in the South Pacific. With the rebuild of the VVF website underway in late 2019, Pacific Digital stepped in to lend their expertise with the fine-tuning and maintenance of the final product. And we couldnโ€™t be happier!